Litigation Focused On Getting Results For Our Clients

A Dedicated Litigation Team

When two parties or individuals cannot resolve a dispute on their own, litigation in court may be the only option for settling things. With the help of skilled legal representation, you can make your voice heard through contract disputes, real estate disputes, business disputes or any other issue to resolve the problem on your terms.

The Law Offices of Peter Sverd, PLLC was founded in November of 2014, and our founding attorney offers over a two decade’s worth of trial and litigation experience. Years of direct client interaction have deeply impacted the manner in which our law firm treats each and every client, contributing to the development of our client-driven litigation, client-driven results, and method of providing litigation services.

To learn more about our founding partner, click on his biography here: Peter Sverd

Take Control Through Your Litigation

At the Law Offices of Peter Sverd, PLLC, we use litigation as a means to meet the goals and objectives of our clients – the “litigation” is not the end in itself. We take a very pragmatic and pointed approach to litigation. We take the time to learn the objectives and goals of our clients at the onset of the representation, and then we use all the tools in our legal arsenal to achieve the client’s objectives.

Because we take the time to learn and understand the individual needs of the people, businesses and companies that we represent, we can take the most direct paths in the litigation of your case to achieve your objectives. As a referral-based business, our law firm’s success is built on providing exceptional legal services to each and every client.

Build Your Strategy With Us

If you are looking to resolve a civil dispute in a swift and effective manner, make sure you have a skilled attorney at your side whom you can trust to defend your best interests. You can email us here to tell us more about your legal issue and to schedule your free initial consultation today.