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Representation Through Actions To Set Aside Fraudulent Conveyances

When you are dealing with legal issues involving fraudulent conveyances, you deserve a reliable New York attorney’s help. At Law Offices of Peter Sverd, PLLC, you can get the representation you are looking for.

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Parties either have the right to sell, mortgage or encumber an asset, or they do not. When someone sells, mortgages or encumbers an asset without the requisite right and title, litigation is necessary to set aside the fraudulent conveyances. These cases are often fact sensitive and require a great deal of discovery to unwind the disputed transaction.

Cases that attorney Peter Sverd has dealt with in this area include the fraudulent sale of a mixed-use property by someone purporting to own 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of the selling corporation – all while there was another shareholder of the corporation which had no knowledge of and did not consent to the sale; the mortgaging of a commercial property by a shareholder without the knowledge and consent of the remaining shareholders. Bona fide purchasers of real and personal property are protected in their title unless they knew or had reason to know that conveyor did not have the right to convey, and a fraudulent deed conveys no title at all. These cases are often complicated, and attorney Peter Sverd has obtained favorable results for clients who sought to set aside fraudulent conveyances.

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