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Representation For Shareholder Derivative Suits

When shareholders are trying to hold directors accountable for their actions, legal action may be necessary. Not every lawyer can offer the level of representation you need. At Law Offices of Peter Sverd, PLLC, you can find the representation you deserve from a skilled New York attorney.

How Can You Hold Directors Accountable?

Corporations and limited liability companies are managed and governed by directors, executive officers and managers. When these individuals harm the corporations and companies that they manage, shareholders and other members of the company have the legal right to sue the wrongdoers on behalf of the damaged corporation. The recovery obtained in the litigation is for the benefit of the corporation or the company and not the individual suing on behalf of the corporation or company.

These lawsuits can be filed by shareholders against their corporation in an effort to settle conflicts between the two parties. For example, a shareholder in a fast food company may file a derivative action claim against the directors for engaging in certain security practices that resulted in a considerable data breach.

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