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Business & Commercial Litigation

At the Law Offices of Peter Sverd, PLLC, we use the federal, state and local courts to provide litigation solutions for the business and commercial challenges that arise between businesses and amongst business owners. Because we take the time to learn and understand the individual needs of the people, businesses and companies that we represent, we are able to take the most direct paths in litigation to achieve your objectives.

At our law firm, litigation is an instrument that is used to achieve the goals and objectives of our business and commercial clients. We measure our success not by the number of motions and jury trials that we win, but by whether we have provided you with a pragmatic and pointed litigation strategy that achieved your goals with the least amount of time and legal work necessary. We service the commercial and business litigation needs of our clients in the areas of:

Our goal in your litigation case is to earn a favorable outcome on your behalf, and we use all of our skills and experience to make that goal a reality.

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