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Navigating Breaches Of Contract

Agreements, whether written or oral, are the foundation of commerce around the world. There are contracts for the sale or lease of real property and personal property, the purchase and sale of businesses or shares or interests in corporations and companies. There are contracts for the borrowing and lending of money, service contracts, employment contracts, partnership and operating agreements, joint venture agreements, noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements; the list goes on and on.

No matter what the nature and form of the contract, when parties breach their rights and obligations under contracts, it harms the rights of the other party or of other third parties. These types of breaches of contract come in as many shapes and forms as there are contracts. Some of the most common breaches are failures to pay and failures to perform.

Other times, the parties have differing opinions as to the legal effect of provisions within their contracts and require a judge to determine the meaning or the rights of the parties under the agreement that they entered into. The harm created as the result of a contract dispute or breach can be substantial but it is up to the aggrieved party to assert their legal rights in a court of law to enforce their rights.

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