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Defend Your Business Against Unscrupulous Competition

Not every business competitor plays by the rules. Perhaps your name, trade dress or product is being infringed or used by a competitor – or maybe a competitor is interfering with your current or prospective contractual relationships or is publishing lies about you or your business.

Attorney Peter Sverd at Law Offices of Peter Sverd, PLLC, has successfully represented clients who have been the victims of unfair competition. You do not need a trademark or copyright to assert your rights against these unscrupulous market participants, and you do not need to sit idly by while your business and reputation suffer. You have protection under the law.

Taking On Counterfeiting And Injurious Falsehoods

The most egregious forms of unfair competition are palming off and counterfeiting. This is when someone takes your product and sells it as their own or uses their inferior product and markets the product as yours. This is fraud and the penalties for the offender can be severe. Other times a competitor may be marketing their product in a way that creates confusion in the marketplace. For example, a shopper looking for brand ‘x’ wants to purchase that product, but they purchase a similar or the same type of product from competitor ‘y’ under a mistaken belief that they have in fact purchased brand ‘x.’ Oftentimes this is the result of the use of a similar trade name or appearance of the packaging (trade dress). The law provides a remedy for each of these harms, and you need to locate an attorney to enforce your legal rights.

Injurious falsehood and tortious interference with contractual and prospective contractual relations are causes of action that are available to protect you and your business from the harm that others are causing your business by defaming you or your product, or by prying away your current customers, vendors and suppliers.

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