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At the Law Offices of Peter Sverd, PLLC, we provide exceptional legal representation in the areas of business, commercial, real property, co-op and condominium litigation. Speak with us today so we can assess your legal situation.

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At the Law Offices of Peter Sverd, PLLC, we are dedicated to achieving your goals through strategic and insightful advocacy before the federal, state, and local courts. We have honed our skills over the past twenty years by serving the litigation needs of our clients from case inception through trials and appeals. Whether you are in need of representation in a contract dispute or seeking the enforcement of a judicial decree, our team keeps your objectives at the heart of our litigation strategy.

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We take the time to learn the objectives and goals of our clients at the onset of the representation, and then use all of the tools in our legal arsenal to achieve your objectives. We have a carefully crafted system for evaluating and providing a researched and informed legal assessment of your case, focused on achieving your goals, core objectives, and desired outcome. Because we take the time to learn and understand the individual needs of the people, business and companies that we represent, we take the most direct paths to achieve your objectives. At the Law Offices of Peter Sverd, PLLC, we use litigation as a tool to achieve your goals and objectives.

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With over two decades of legal experience, attorney Peter Sverd is an accomplished litigation attorney who has earned his reputation as a staunch and seasoned advocate for his clients before state, federal, and local courts. Click on the button below to read more about his career and capabilities.

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